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The second edition textbooks, originally published in the early 2000s, present formal/written Arabic alongside spoken Egyptian Arabic and encourage learners to engage with and learn both the spoken and formal varieties. Audio and video include the story of Maha and Khalid in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and in Egyptian Arabic, exposing students to a spoken variety. Emphasis remains on MSA in the grammar discussions. All audio and video is included on There are no companion websites for this edition. 

The third edition textbooks use the fully integrated method of teaching and learning formal/written Arabic alongside Egyptian Arabic and Levantine Arabic. Learners or teachers can choose which spoken variety to learn. The story is presented in both varieties, with Maha and Khalid as the main characters in the Egyptian story and Nesreen and Tarik as the main characters in the Levantine story. The books include full vocabulary lists for both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and each spoken variety, as well as discussions of grammar points for both MSA and each spoken variety. There are companion websites for each of these books and each includes all of the audio and video as well as interactive exercises for practice. All exercises are keyed to the textbook. The websites include teacher tools, such as the ability to gather your students in a course, to grade their work online, to create your own exercises, and more. For more information on the companion websites, see the Companion Websites page.

The second edition textbooks continue to be available from Georgetown University Press. Both editions are available simultaneously and will remain so indefinitely. For more information, see the Product Guide page for ordering and the Al-Kitaab Second Edition FAQs for more information about the second edition program.

ETextbooks for Third Edition textbooks can be bought or rented through VitalSource. ETextbooks for Second Edition textbooks are coming soon.

Yes. See the Product Guide for more information. Please note that student requests for desk or examination copies will not be granted.

Any Georgetown University Press book can be purchased outside the United States. Visit our list of distributors to find your regional sales contact.

The companion websites are designed for use with the third edition of Al-Kitaab only and are not recommended for use with the second edition, as the content, sequencing, and pedagogy have changed substantially. For more information, see the Al-Kitaab Second Edition FAQs or the Al-Kitaab Third Edition FAQs.

The audio and video for the third edition will be available on until September 30, 2021. Starting October 1, 2021, you must access all audio and video through the companion websites.

We have no current plans to remove the audio and video for the second edition from

Learn more about companion website access for students in a teacher-led course and for independent learners.

No. Answer keys are available for purchase by students and independent learners in print and ebook format. Answer keys for instructors are included with digital exam/desk copies and can be requested with print exam/desk copies. Please visit our Al-Kitaab homepage for more information.

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