Companion Websites

The Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program includes audio and video necessary for learning Arabic. As of October 2019, instructors and learners using the Al-Kitaab textbooks have three ways to access the audio and video and the homework activities: 

Companion Websites on Quia

The Quia Books platform is being discontinued by its parent company. The old companion websites are available at only through December 31, 2019. After that date, no new classes can be created and no new accesses will be granted. Because the platform is being discontinued, the only way students can access the site is to purchase access online; no new codes are being issued. If you are a student with a Quia access code and you need an access code for the new companion website platform, click here.

Companion Websites on Smart Sparrow

Each textbook purchase includes an access code for use on this new companion website. The websites include all of the audio and video, as well as all of the homework activities in the book, plus some extra practice drills. The companion websites for the Al-Kitaab textbooks are available on the Smart Sparrow platform. Instructors can request access at and independent learners can also go here to gain access. Students in a course with an instructor should await instructions before entering their code. See the Smart Sparrow FAQs here:

Audio & Video Only

The DVDs are now obsolete but learners still need the audio and video. All of the audio and video that learners need to complete the activities and drills in the third edition books are available on this website, To watch and listen to them, select the book from the tab at the top of this screen and navigate to the lesson you are studying. Listen or watch as many times as necessary.

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