Companion Websites

New companion websites are coming soon, and will be hosted by Lingco.
Instructors may sample the new companion websites now by clicking below.
The full websites will be available for fall 2021 course adoption. 

Click the button below to sign up for access to view full course content
(approval in 1-2 business days):

Click the appropriate button below to view a sample chapter
(available immediately):

Access the Lingco Companion Websites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking here.

As of January 1, 2021, Smart Sparrow Companion Websites are no longer available for the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program.

All of the audio and video that learners need to complete the activities and drills in the third edition books are now available on this website, To watch and listen to them, select the book from the tab at the top of this screen and navigate to the lesson you are studying. Listen or watch as many times as necessary.

Answer keys for each book are available, as they have been, for purchase on our website and now on as well. In addition, this website now includes a discussion board for teachers, which allows instructors to connect with one another about topics of interest related to the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program.

For fall 2021 courses, standalone textbooks will no longer be available. Instead, all textbooks will come with access to the Lingco companion website. Instructors should let their bookstores know to preorder the textbooks with website using the new ISBNs on the website.