Product Guide

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Third Edition Textbooks with Companion Websites

Print and eTextbooks are available for all Third Edition Al-Kitaab textbooks; click on the links below.

Digital desk and exam copies for teachers are here. Click on Faculty Sampling in the upper right corner and search for the book.

Print desk and exam copies are here. Be sure to have the book’s ISBN, which you can get from the links below, to request print books.

As of August 1, 2021, all Al-Kitaab Third Edition textbooks are sold with an access code for the companion websites. Below is intended to guide you through what is available. To place an order or find out how to order, please visit

Multimedia (audio and video) is found exclusively on the companion websites. Multimedia for the third edition currently on will no longer be available as of September 30, 2021.

Website Access

Companion Website access can be purchased separately from the textbooks. You can either purchase the Website Access Card, a printed card that is mailed to you with a scratch off code, OR the Digital Access Code, a code that is delivered to you via email. If you need access quickly, we recommend you purchase the Digital Access Code. To place an order, click the links below or visit

Website Access Card (printed, sent through the mail)

Digital Access Code (delivered via email)

Textbook answer keys (optional) 

Second Edition Textbooks

Print textbooks for students are currently available for Second Edition textbooks; eTextbooks are coming soon. Click on the links below.  

Print and desk and exam copies are here. Be sure to have the book’s ISBN to request print books, which you can get from the links below. Desk and examination copies include a copy of the answer key for the selected textbook.

Multimedia (audio and video) for the Second Edition textbooks is available on this website. Click the book’s name on the tab at the top and select Second Edition. 

Textbook answer keys (optional)