Updates to Companion Websites

A detailed list of all of the updates that have been made and are to come is below. This list was last updated December 13, 2019. To see a demo of the major changes and updates, please see the video:


  • Improved overall stability and site loading speed
  • Grading is now functional and usable, with points showing for automatically graded activities and ability to grade for teacher-graded activities
  • Improved audio and video players; improved audio recorder
  • Cleaned up many typos
  • Grading improvements:
    • Teachers can see points and percentage of completion
    • Student Name column is alphabetically sorted and does not move while scrolling
    • Names of lessons/activities does not move while scrolling 
    • In manual grading
      • Clear indication of what answer is to be graded (highlighted in blue)
      • Clear indication if answer is already graded or not and total number of points possible
      • Clear indication (via green pop-up bubble) when a grade has been assigned and the date/timestamp when grade submitted
      • Ability to navigate either to grade the same answer for another student (top right student selector option) OR to return to lesson to select another answer to grade (top center clickable links backward in organizational structure)
      • Clear visual indication in manual grading when a student has not yet attempted a gradable screen
  • Ability for instructor to export grades
    • Updates: In place of the dash, report will include “N/A” to denote an item not associated with a grade and “Unattempted” to denote an item associated with a grade to which a response has not been submitted yet. We hope to add these updates to the grades screen, as well.
  • Students’ visibility of total points possible for activities and lessons

Coming soon

  • Updated FAQs
    • Expected December 2019
  • Addition of glossaries and collections of videos for easy reference
    • Expected December 2019
  • Ability for instructor to set new max score for any item by course, lesson, and/or activity
    • Expected December 2019
  • Ability to assign activities
    • Expected before end of spring semester 2020
  • Ability to sort manually graded items in the pop up list (in both Grades Report/ Grid and Manual Grading screens)
    • Expected before end of spring semester 2020
  • Ability for instructors to drop/add students
    • Working on ETA