General FAQs


1. Can I still use the Smart Sparrow Companion Website with Al-Kitaab Third Edition?

Many of you are currently using the Smart Sparrow companion websites for Alif Baa, Al-Kitaab Part One, and Al-Kitaab Part Two. We recently received news from Smart Sparrow that their platform had been acquired by Pearson and all of the Smart Sparrow companion websites would be shut down effective December 31, 2020. We know this will come as a disappointment to many of you, as it is to us. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this may cause and want to assure you that we are determined to provide you with a better online experience to replace Smart Sparrow.

Smart Sparrow’s platform and these companion websites will cease to exist after December 31, 2020. There can be no extension or change to this. No new courses can be created at this time. No new accesses will be granted. Learn more here.

2. When will a new companion website be available for Al-Kitaab Third Edition?

We have quickly begun looking for a new platform for the companion websites. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you. 

****** Website

  1. 1. I am having trouble logging into the “For Teacher’s” Tab on How can I get access?

If users log in and out frequently on the Teacher-Only area of in a short period of time, a new login attempt may clash with a cached attempt and users will receive a notice that their math answer is wrong. In that case, please either a) clear your cache or b) wait 10-15 minutes before attempting to log in again.

Please make sure you are using the email and username you originally selected when you created your account. If you are unsure which email address is associated with your account, please contact Marketing Coordinator Caroline Crossman at

2. On the “Log In” tab, the box for typing the math answer cuts off my response. Will it still allow me to log in?

The box for typing the math answer may appear to cut off a digit, but it will still work correctly.

3. I am an instructor who needs to reset my password. How can I do so?

If you need to reset your password, please go to the Log In page here. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a blue link that says “Click here to reset”. Please note that the request will be automatically generated by and that GUP is not able to reset instructor passwords manually.


Ordering and Returning Textbooks

Please note that the following information only applies to bookstores (not individual purchasers).

  1. 1. What should I do with leftover bundles now that bundled versions of the Al-Kitaab Third Edition textbooks have been discontinued?

You should return any remaining bundles to Hopkins Fulfillment Service (HFS) following the procedure outlined here and instead purchase the standalone textbooks for the fall 2020 semester and beyond.