General FAQs


1. Is there a companion website I can use with the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program, 3rd Ed.?

New companion websites are coming soon, and will be hosted by Lingco. Instructors may sample the new companion websites now by clicking here. The full websites will be available for fall 2021 course adoption. 

2. What is Lingco, and what features do the Lingco companion websites offer to students and instructors?

Lingco Language Labs, or Lingco for short, offers a fully integrated set of interactive exercises with all multimedia materials and additional online course management and grading options for teachers.

Lingco provides students with a variety of exercises, many with instant feedback for students, including multiple choice, drag and drop, typing response, listening, and recording activities. It gives the instructors the ability to set deadlines, assign activities, and manually grade activities, monitor student and class progress, and create their own class activities within the Lingco platform. For more information, please visit the Lingco website. 

3. How can I sample the new Lingo companion websites?

To sample the new Lingco websites, please visit our “Companion Websites” page and select the appropriate button. 

4. What content is included in the sample? 

There are two sampling options.

(A) Instructors may view a sample chapter of a textbook, available immediately once you set up your free account with Lingco. This sample includes one chapter of each course in Lingco. The virtual classroom is populated with fake students to make the experience as realistic as possible for instructors. 

(B) Instructors may request the full demo–including all course content–which will be processed in 1-2 business days.

Please submit requests for chapter and full demos by visiting our “Companion Websites” page.

5. As an instructor, may I edit the demo course included in the sample?

You will not be able to edit the demo course included in this sample.

6. Do I need an instructor code to access the Lingco companion website?

You do not need a separate instructor’s code. To request access as an instructor, please use the appropriate button on the “Companion Website” access page.

7. What should I do if I am having trouble logging into Lingco?

If you have already set up your account with Lingco and are having any trouble logging in, please go to and click “Forgot Password.”